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Hot Sale Air Hockey Games In GTI September
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Hot Sale Air Hockey Games in GTI September


With the coming GTI in September, we are, United Asia Entertainments, striking to prepare the trade show and wish to bring the best products to each our clients who visits our booth during the show.


In each year of September, it will be a good month for starting the arcade game machine trade show in Guangzhou and most of our clients are back from their holidays and it is a good time for them to see what is the new in our company and look for some special redemption game machine and place order to us.


Hot sale air hockey will be showed at our booth during the time and they will give strong confidence to put theirs in the locations. Here are the pictures that we are going to show.


If you still looks for a good air hockey table games, please contact for us and get some details by sending e-mail to us.

Air Hockey Machine.jpg

Mini Air Hockey.jpg