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Indoor Amusement Game Machine Conference Held On Chimilong
- Aug 19, 2018 -

Indoor Amusement Game Machine Conference Held on Chimilong


One of the highest conference of indoor amusement game machine for the china market has successfully held on Chimilong International Conference Center yesterdays and over hundreds of related suppliers have joined the meeting, United Asia Entertainments also joined the meeting and learn the lessons from difference majors owners who share their experience on the new tendency for this market.


During the meeting, some operators turn to have a speech to express their ideas and experience to tell us how they reaction the new sitaution on arcade game machine, redemption game machine and some indoor amusement game machine which will help us to learn more and make us easy to understand why the market has turn so fast.


Even though china market is one of the biggest market in the word, but due to some political reason and more and more new suppliers join the industry, competition has been hard in this year and business has been slow then than ever had. Many suppliers want to find out a new way to expand their business and want to find out how to run the company by getting new ideas.


Also, we had learn more about why some many fishing game machine and some used arcade game machine has been slowly sold at this year. Finally, this conference has gave our industry a fresh idea and a lot of help in business survival.