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Many Used Arcade Racing Machine Has Arrived At Our Warehouse
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Many Used Arcade Racing Machine has arrived at our warehouse


Due to the rental reason, many locations closed their life and deal with us for their good condition second hand game machine. We have collected a lot of original used arcade racing machine and used arcade shooting machine to our warehouse, after we repaired the conditions and check everything, we can sell them to our lovely clients and keep helping clients to make money by these kind of good price and good condition machines.


Right now one of the hot sale used arcade racing machine is the Sega original Initial D8, there are a lot of units came to our warehouse and they are ready for selling and if your guys interesting in them, contact us for more information and get the good units as soon as you can.


Here are some details for the machine and please take a look for this such a good used arcade machine. It can still help you to make the same money but you only need to pay a little to buy them and still get the after sale service.