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New Fishing Game Machine Tested Well In USA
- Oct 08, 2018 -

New Fishing Game Machine Tested Well in USA


Worked with one of the largest distributors in USA, our new fishing game machine Monster Strike has been tested in USA for 2 weeks and it got a happy testing result which brings a lot of confidence to anyone from this project.


Right now too many familiar fishing game machine worked at USA, but it lack of some new concept, new idea and new game for the market to be the leading trends, due to this reason, we have made a new fishing game machine which is totally difference with the normal one.


It is a 3D next generation engineering for the images, it has a large moving scenes which it give a impressive experience to players and it comes with 3 difference boss to kill for getting more credits. The game gives a lot of fun to players when they keep shooting the monster and it comes a lot of revenues by the happy playing. It also a skill based game that player only need more skills to get the big prize and that is the point that players willing to play for it.


If you want to know more about this game, please click the below link:



Or contact us directly to get more details and share your idea to us if you want to make a special game which suit for your market.