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New Prize Game Machine Will Be Exhibited At Zhongshan Show This Month
- Nov 26, 2018 -

 New Prize Game Machine will be exhibited at Zhongshan Show this month


The Zhongshan Game Machine Show will be started at the end of this month, at that time, over 60 exhibitor and over 1000 related visitors come to the show and show their latest game machine. A new prize game machine from United Asia Entertainments will be showed over there and we welcome all of your guys come to visit us and play our latest prize game.


United Asia Entertainments always developed new and inovative amusement machines for our clients from all over the world, we would like to invited all of your friends come to visit us and talk with us to share your idea and see if we can develop your own machines.


In the coming show, there will be a lot of prize game machines and kiddie rides machines during the show and we believe that all of your guys will choose our machine and hope our machines will help your business getting better.


At last, we wish our machines can help our clients to boost their business into a new platform.


See your guys during the show in Zhongshan.

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