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The Development Of The Large-scale Game Industry Will Drive Many Peripheral Industries
- Apr 08, 2018 -

With the large-scale game consoles, it is easy to think that children face the game console obsessively clapping the keyboard in a filthy environment. This kind of scene appeared in large and small cities in the country in the 1980s. After the Internet cafes began to appear, people focused more attention on online games. However, China’s large-scale game console market has been difficult to develop under the indifference of everyone. Today, it has quietly formed over 10 billion US dollars in export value. .

Recently, at the 9th China International Software Exhibition held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center, the China Game Industry Achievement Exhibition has become a major highlight of this year's exhibition. The large-scale game consoles are even more crowded. According to the organizers' introduction, since 2000, China's game consoles have all turned to exports. Chinese game consoles accounted for the global console market share, which was less than 1% from the beginning of the 1990s and was close to 20%. In the first quarter of 2005, the number of various types of game consoles exported to the Shenzhen port reached 24 million, and the export value was US$700 million. While exporting game devices, some excellent Chinese cultures have also spread to all parts of the world.

There are about 120 companies engaged in the production and manufacturing of large-scale game consoles in the Mainland and China, mainly located in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and other regions. The products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and the department products have definitely had a market in some regions. The upper hand. Nowadays, in mainland China, flowers are everywhere, and Sichuan has the largest number of large-scale game consoles inland. Today's large-scale game consoles are no longer full of bloody scenes filled with screens. Educational, analog, competitive, fitness and entertainment products are all available. The new-generation large-scale game consoles make full use of modern scientific and technological achievements and focus on building a healthy entertainment culture. , The work has a stunning picture effect, soft music, good handling and excellent entertainment, healthy content, independent intellectual property rights, obvious Chinese cultural background and characteristics, the vast majority of products suitable for young people or The whole family entertained together.

In the interview, the reporter learned that large-scale game consoles have good prospects for development in terms of mass entertainment and have a good development prospect in military, national defense, and medical care. The cutting-edge computer graphics and graphics technology used in large-scale game consoles, diversified software programming, and mature mechanical and electronic technologies are fully utilized in military, defense, and medical applications. This shows that large-scale game consoles have shown a unique advantage in reducing the cost of industrial skills training.

In addition, the development of the large-scale game console industry will drive the development of a number of related industries such as plastics, machinery, electronics, hardware and software development, and create more job opportunities. The display devices of large-scale game consoles mainly use picture tubes of 29 inches or more, and high-end models even use large-screen rear projection screens and liquid crystal displays of 40 inches or more. These display devices not only rely on many display tube production companies in the country, but also target The content of the game is further developed and optimized to adapt to the rapid development and changes of game content, which greatly breaks through the limitations of traditional home appliance imaging devices and has a great impetus for the development and innovation of domestic display tube manufacturing enterprises. The external frame system of large-scale game consoles involves industrial design, plastic forming, special printing and other technological processes. This has led to a large number of related parts production and manufacturing companies. These enterprises are all production-intensive enterprises and have increased dramatically. Labor employment needs.