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Video Arcade Racing Machine Showed At Conference
- Aug 19, 2018 -

Video Arcade Racing Machine Showed at Conference


In 18th August 2018, there is a high class arcade game machine conference held at Chimilong International Conference center in Panyu, Guangzhou. One of our video arcade racing machine has showed during the meeting and many locations owner have came to play the game and give us the suggestions on how to improve the game and inquiry lots of details about this arcade racing game machine.

This is a simulator games that combine 3 32in LED to give a muti-view to a player on playing F1 racing game. When player control the wheel and it will also give them the motivation and it give them a real experience of real driving feeling.

Also, there are other many redemption game machine showed on the conference, in this conference, we can learn more about what the locations need and also it us more chance to show our ability on our amusement game machine products. If you still looking for a good video arcade racing machine, please feel free to contact with us for more information. We are so pleasure to let you know that our racing game machine also can be the good income makers in your locations. Try it as soon as you can.