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What Are The Conditions For Operating Children's Play Equipment?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

I. Conditions for operating small children's play equipment

Small children's play equipment is a relatively popular and relatively profitable industry. Therefore, the conditions for operating small children's play equipment are not high. Operators only need to go to the industrial and commercial department to conduct capital verification, registration, business license, and then to The taxation bureau will apply for a tax registration certificate, go to the health bureau for a health permit, and then go to the public security fire station to go through the relevant procedures for fire protection. In addition, if the small-scale amusement equipment business opened is an affiliated store, it is necessary to get in touch with the affiliated headquarters and confirm the affiliation before processing the relevant license.

Second, operating medium-sized children's playground equipment conditions

Medium-sized children's play equipment is also very popular among people. Therefore, according to the need for departments to conduct inspections of medium-sized children's play equipment, whether the material of the amusement equipment is excessive or not, and like some Ferris Wheels, these ultra-high-speed equipment belong to special equipment and require national special Only after passing the equipment inspection can the operation be approved. It is also necessary to go to the public security safety record and submit the overall plan and site fire approval approval. Of course, all documents handled by small amusement facilities must also be handled. Recommended reading: Several factors that affect the benefits of large-scale amusement equipment

Third, operating large-scale children's playground equipment conditions

The management of large-scale children's play equipment is generally funded by the government. Therefore, many investors may not be qualified to build large-scale children's amusement equipment business establishments. What are the conditions for operating large-scale children's play equipment? In fact, the conditions for operating large-scale children's play equipment need to handle all the documents handled by the small children's play equipment, and the related departments should also inspect the material used in the play equipment to ensure that the smell emitted by the play equipment will not cause harm to the human body. For large-scale amusement equipment business, there must be very exciting ultra-high-speed amusement equipment. Therefore, the ultra-high-speed amusement equipment must pass the national special equipment inspection, and the method allows the operating documents. In addition, it is also necessary to register public safety security and submit overall plans. In addition, there must be site acceptance approvals for fire protection, business approvals approved by the Bureau of Culture, corporate safety management systems, and emergency plans.