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What Value You Can Bring To Location
- May 30, 2018 -

The relationship between equipment manufacturers and location owner is a kind of mutual influence and cooperation and win-win relationship. In addition to the amusement center can bring certain revenue for the producers, the manufacturers with high reputation can also bring revenues to the traders. For example, to provide quality equipment for FEC, to track service revenues at location , help FEC make adjustments, provide suggestions for difference kind of arcade game machine and some gaming machine, and provide after-sales service, etc. Vendors provide value? What are the needs and suggestions of venue dealers? For some peer reactions, the following methods and suggestions may be useful to you.

What is the value for the location? What are the aspects included?

There are two barriers to the location development. One is the place, value barrier and the other is the site operational barrier. The value of the venue mainly includes the representation of equipment and facilities, such as what the brand of the amusement arcade game machine is, whether it is a mature machine, or it can be the embodiment of IP animation, the embodiment of culture, the embodiment of decoration style, and the embodiment of venue services. The factors of constructing site value are not competitive because site value is not high. 

What is the role of the arcade game machine to the customer? 

First, manufacturers need to be concerned about the status of the machines after they are sold. There are high-profile machines and low-priced machines in the location. In fact, the popularity of the machines affects the manufacturers. If a customer's site is chained, you just bought some of your machines. It may not be able to generate revenue. However, if you are a manufacturer, you can perform after-sales tracking services on the FEC video game machines and operate the gaming machines, such as fishing game, roulette machine. The strategy will be adjusted. Even if the revenue only increases a little bit, he will think that you are very reliable from the perspective of the venue trader. When you recommend him to other platforms, it is believed that the venue trader will be very easy to accept, but Few of our industry peers do this. 

If your platform is on the ground, it is not good for your business, so how can you increase its revenue? When many manufacturers are designing their machines, they often have linear thinking when setting up clearance opportunities. For example, a machine design, three levels, first lottery 5 lotteries, second lot 10 lotteries, and third level 15 Zhang Lottery, the manufacturer may think that this machine is in this form, but did not consider a certain venue, in the end how many people can reach the third level? Is it true that many children have failed at the first level? These issues need to be considered. 

In addition, if an equipment vendor wants to come out more tickets from the redemption game machine, ticket redemption game or video redemption game machine, what should he do? Because some equipment can be controlled in the background, and some can't be regulated, what should we do if we can't control it? In fact, there are many "lottery amplifiers" that everyone can do, for example, enlarge the number of original lottery tickets with only 5 to 15 or 20, for example, 30 notes for one currency, and once for three coins, allowing up to 90 devices. A lottery ticket means that no more than 90 cards will not lose money, so you can make it only 50 cards. Children generally do not control the number of hit points, they generally care about how long the lottery. Put these suggestions after tracking the venue to the venue trader. Do you think he will continue to cooperate with you in the future? Is it because many amusement locations are not in touch with the manufacturers because the revenue is not good enough to pick the fault? When the venue is picking up troubles on the platform, as a manufacturer, it is necessary to consider whether the machine is not in the position of the venue, whether there is any problem with the surrounding of redemption game machines, ticket redemption machines or video redemption machines, or whether the proportion of the prize redemption machine set is appropriate. Other debugging methods and so on. Give these suggestions to the venue trader. If the sales revenue of the machine increases, the venue trader will definitely feel that your equipment is good. Therefore, it is recommended that manufacturers must track the operating status of their own equipment after they are sold to the site. This is in itself a problem of after-sales service.

How can the gift reflect the value of the prize machine?

Through the gift to reflect the value of the prize game machine, so that the gifts have the interest of driving guests to achieve the high revenue platform.

First of all, the variety and quality of gifts can meet the needs of different guests. For example, a child has no concept of the number of votes, so the number of votes obtained is small, but when he leaves, if he can take away a small gift, he will be very happy that this is an encouragement for him. Therefore, some low-priced and novelty gadgets can give them satisfaction.

Some senior players have long time to play and have accumulated more votes. They have also redeemed many gifts. The general boutiques and decorations are not attractive to him. However, they are highly valued guests because of their spending power. If they are relatively high, they may need more home appliances, electronic products and other products that they are willing to use. This poses the greatest challenges to the venues. The venues must achieve high revenues and must meet their needs for the prize redemption game or prize vending game machine in the market.

Some new guests are not familiar with the crane game, so he won't get a lot of votes. If he can exchange a gift with a small number of tickets, he will also be very helpful in maintaining his follow-up interest in playing games.

At the same time, the presentation and redemption of gifts is also very important. All high-yield venues pay great attention to gift displays. Open displays are generally used to allow guests to come in close contact with gifts. The display stands are beautifully done and the lighting is beautiful. The gift display is also very particular, and some of them have also been decorated in an atmosphere that makes it convenient for the guests to choose gifts in the crane game machine or some toy claw game machine.

As a manufacturer, you have to do the whole game or single product, and you must let the customer know what the role of a certain machine or several machines is at the venue.