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Which Children's Playground Equipment In Naughty Castle Needs Careful Supervision?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

1, slides. Slides are amusement devices that children often play. Some babies are young and have a keen interest in slides and need special supervision.

2, other electric equipment. Check whether the dangerous parts of the electric equipment are exposed, whether the electric equipment is leaking, etc.;

3, climbing equipment. Do a good job in the safety protection of children's climbing equipment and require special supervision;

4, sand pool. Keep the sand pool clean and prevent sand from getting into your children's eyes.

The safety of naughty castles requires the caregivers of the indoor naughty fort to concentrate on guarding. One is to prevent the occurrence of security accidents, and the second is to reflect the overall management level of indoor naughty castles, and it is only good for the normative management of subsequent children's playgrounds.