Arcade Prize Vending Machine

Arcade Prize Vending Machine

Size: L1300*W130*H1550mm
Weight: 130KG
Power Consumption:250W
Players: 4 Players

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Product Details


Size: L1300 * W130 * H1550mm

Weight: 130KG

Power consumption: 250W

Player: 4 players

Voltage: 110V or 220V can be switched automatically

Accessories: with standard version and some extra spare parts


1.The Fairy Arcade Prize Vending Machine is a classic vending machine that allows four players to play together to enjoy the fun together. The machine's cabinets are simple in design and look rich in color and have different themes to appeal to different customers.

2.The operation of this machine is very simple, you only need to coin inside, you can easily start the machine. This machine is suitable for people of different ages. There are several gift bars on the console that make it easy to push the gift to the gift.

3.This Arcade Prize Vending Machine is equipped with a transparent protective cover. The protective cover can facilitate the operator to observe the specific situation after the game machine is started, and also facilitates the game player to enjoy the game more intuitively. In addition, the protective cover also protects the gifts placed inside the machine.

Operation method

1. This product is paid for playing games, then the game begins.

2. When the prize moves and is close to your area, press the button and move the handler.

3. When the processor pushes the prize into the hole, the prize will fall into the prize area.

4. If successful, the player will win the prize, otherwise pay again.

Our service

After-sales service - United Asia Entertainments will provide the motherboard with a 6-month free warranty and all lifetime after-sales services.

Delivery time - We ship within 6 days of receiving payment.

Additional options - please call the price

Want to add a company logo or a new artwork to your machine? Ask us about custom art options!

Option: Free play button board for home use. New coin selector or card system.

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