Vewlix L

Size: L1100*W750*H1750mm 
Weight: 180KG 
Power Consumption:180W
Players: 2 players

Product Details

Vewlix L Arcade Game Machine Cabinet



Size:  L1100*W750*H1750mm

Weight: 180KG

Power Consumption:180W

Players: 2 players


How to play:


1.  Vewlix L arcade game machine cabinet need to install a pcb board and then push start button to start the game

2. Control the joystick and push the button to enjoy the arcade game inside.

3. Play against with the computer to complete mission or play against with the other players.

4. When game over, pay to play again or leave it.


Features of this machine


Taito has published this cabinet since 2009 and it is still the hot sale product in the arcade game machine cabinet market due to its perfect outlook and outstanding design to match a lot of high level locations or FEC needs. There are 4 colors type of this arcade cabinet, they are black and white, red and black, blue and white, black and grey colors.


Installed original 32 LG monitor and original Sanwa joystick and buttons to make this cabinet has priority experience on playing the arcade game and also the high quality material to make it become one of the best arcade game machine in the market. Right now it still a lot of clients interesting in buying this machine in home entertainments or in arcade center for making money.


After sale service--United Asia Entertainments will offer 6 months free warranty for the main board and all life after sale service in pay. 

Delivery Time--We delivery the machine in 6 days after get the payment.


Vewlix L Arcade Game Machine Cabinet.jpg


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