F1 Racing

Size: L1650*W1100*H1950mm
Weight: 200KG
Power Consumption:210W
Players: 2 players

Product Details

F1 Racing Video Arcade Machine


Size:  L1650*W1100*H1950mm

Weight: 200KG

Power Consumption:210W

Players: 2 players


How to play:

1. Sit into the chair and fasten the seat belt first, the pus start button to play the F1 Racing Video Arcade Machine.

2. Control the wheel and drive the F1 cars to play the game.

3. Motions also start while playing the game.

4. Game finish and then get off the chair.


Features of this machine


Compared with traditional racing game machine, F1 racing video arcade machine is a new arcade game machine with a simulator motion platform, which it can bring a lot of difference feeling and bring more exciting experience on the performance.


There are 3 monitors installed from left to right and it gives a 180 degree views for the players, it make them have a real feeling in a racing scene. It also comes with smoothly motions according to the car action and your driving positions. Two players sit together can make another have a wonderful feeling.


Installed in 3 electronic pistols which can bring 6 degrees motion to players which normal machines don’t have, also compared with others simulator game machine, this arcade game machine has a high advantages in pricing, machine quality and experience feeling. All these matters make this machine has a good performance in locations and many owners can afford to put them into difference places. 

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        Racing video Arcade Machine 1.jpg

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