Starbubar Coffee

Size: L750*W850*H1900mm
Weight: 180KG
Power Consumption:170W 
Players: Single 

Product Details

Starbubar Coffee Arcade Candy Claw Machine



Size: L750 * W850 * H1900mm

Weight: 180KG

Power consumption: 170W

Player: Single

Method of operation

1. The Strbubar Coffee Arcade Candy Claw Machine requires a fee to open the machine to play the game before use. After you coin inside, you can fully enjoy the happiness which brought by this machine.

2. At the beginning of the game, the player aims at the toy position and controls the joystick to move the gantry. Once it is confirmed, the button can be pressed and the gantry is lowered to catch the toy.

3. If the game is successful, you can get the toys and fully enjoy the fun of the game.

Product features

This machine is the first coffee-themed machine to meet the needs of coffee shops, they need a machine to help them carry on business and attract more customers. Most people want to relax during coffee time, and this machine can make customers more relaxed, because it gives customers the opportunity to get extra prizes or bring extra entertainment to those who play this machine.

Product advantages

1. The Strbubar Coffee Arcade Candy Claw Machine has a unique design because it is based on the theme of coffee, which is very consistent with the style of the coffee shop, and has never seen this type of game console before.

2. The machine provides players with simple games, all players can easily learn to play, to enjoy the joy of the game.

3. The luminaires installed around the green cabinets more fully demonstrate the machine's unique design, which attracts people's attention and its design is perfectly matched to the coffee shop.


This machin is great for places like shopping malls, shopping malls, hotels and home entertainment centers to attract a large audience.

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Arcade Candy Claw Machine

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