Space Box

Size: L800*W900*H2000mm
Weight: 190KG
Power Consumption:160W
Players: Single

Product Details

Space Box Arcade Claw Machine 


Size:  L800*W900*H2000mm

Weight: 190KG

Power Consumption:160W

Players: Single


How to play:

1. Arcade Claw Machine need to pay to play the game. 

2. Game start and move to the gantry to the prize head position, then drop off the claw to catch the toys.

3. Get the prize out once it successfully, otherwise pay to play again.


Features of this game


1. Arcade Claw Machine is a new crane games with a unique design in space theme of toy crane machine in the market.

2. Simple game play for the crane game machine and easy to learn to play. Very simple game play and easy for kids, girls and teenagers to enjoy the machine.

3. Amazing LED lighting outlook makes it more attractive. Flashing LED light also can bring more impressive to the player when they see the machine at first sight.



1. Gantry: It is a original self-developed gantry that has been improved a lots in the past years. Get rid of the wire and it increase the usage life.

2. Main board: It is a IC board that it only need joystick and buttons to do the adjustment and easy for client to change the setting.


1. Does this machine customized? Yes, this machine is only customized and there is no coin selector in the machine, the initial design is only used for installing card system.

2. Can the machine install coin selector? Yes, the machine can install coin selector, but it need to redesign the inner contructions, so the minimum order should be 10 units above.

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