Doll Magic Cube

Size: L1320*W1320*H700mm 
Weight: 95KG
Power Consumption:160W
Players: Single

Product Details

Doll Magic Cube Arcade Crane Game Machine



Size:  L1320*W1320*H700mm

Weight: 95KG

Power Consumption:160W

Players: Single


How to play:

1. Insert coins to pay to play the Doll Magic Cube Arcade Crane Game Machine.

2. Player aim at the toys from the top view and moving the gantry by controlling the joystick.

3. Push the button to drop the claw and catch the joy to the prize area.

4. Get the prize from the prize area.


Features of this game


Doll Magic Cube arcade crane game machine is totally a new style crane game machine idea for the market. It totally difference with the traditional arcade crane game machine, Doll magic cube produced in a small prize box that kids or player can view the prize on the top, it also gives difference views to player when they pay to play the game and have more chance for player to get the toys.


Designing in a cube box and installed blue LED lighting on the top panel edge and the machine button, the total ideas bring a future feeling to all the client and make it more attractive.


What make this machine popularity?

1. Special design and easy for kids to entertain the crane games.

2. Easy for maintance and easy for moving to difference locations.

3. Suitable for many place in FEC, shopping center, arcade center and crown place.


Delivery Time:

3 Days for Delivery in stock and 10 days for new production.

Arcade Crane Game Machine

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