Size: L700*W850*H1950mm
Weight: 160KG 
Power Consumption:140W
Players: Single

Product Details

Baeccob Arcade Small Crane Machine


Size: L700 * W850 * H1950mm

Weight: 160KG

Power consumption: 140W

Player: Single

Method of operation

1. Coin to the machine first, then start the machine to start the game.

2. Select the desired toy and move the gantry to the head position by controlling the joystick.

3. Press the button to release the paw to grab the toy, and if successful, it will fall into the prize area.

4. Take the toy out. If you don't get the toy you want to grab, you can coin again to start the game.


1.Baeccob Arcade small crane is a cute style crane game machine. Its machine design has some cute bears, which are very popular among children and girls. In addition, this machine is also equipped with sound effects, when the player is playing the game, it will have a cute voice. This can bring joy to the player and allow the player to fully engage the game.

2. The gantry of this Arcade Small Crane Machine is different from ordinary gantry because it uses some aluminum material and has a Japanese switch installed inside, which ensures a longer service life than a normal machine. In addition, the joystick of this machine is also very flexible, very convenient for players to use.

Product advantages

1. The machine runs stably, which means that the income of FEC is also stable.

2. It is very suitable for putting into FEC, shopping center, arcade center and other places to carry out business.

3. There is almost no after-sales problem. It is also sold at a reasonable price, allowing buyers to recover costs in a short period of time.

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