Funny House

Size: L800*W850*H1950mm
Weight: 170KG
Power Consumption:180W
Players: Single

Product Details

Funny House Claw Vending Machine

Product description

Funny house is vending crane machine with a new model, new cabinet and new design in the market. It has a full black mental cabinet with LED lighting installed around the front side to make the machines look more extractive. Due to a few of big size crane machines in the market, so we developed the new big size model and give operators more chances to increase their business. Big size machines can be put into big toys or big prize to attract difference players.


Size: L800 * W850 * H1950mm

Weight: 170KG

Power consumption: 180W

Player: Single

Customized service: For this machine, we can also customize for different customers.

Method of operation

1. This game console needs to be paid before you can play the game.

2. The player controls the joystick to capture the toy, aim at the target and press the confirm button.

3. After the prize is captured, the prize can be taken out by player.


1. The Funny House Claw vending machine has a unique child design and is very large in the crane game market.

2. This machine is very simple to operate, there is no complicated game rules, so players can easily win prizes.

3. There are good LED lighting around the cabinet of the machine, making it look more different and more attractive to the player.

4. Use the joystick to easily adjust the strength of the gantry to grab the target.

6. Children's claw machines are sold at competitive prices, and we can also provide custom designs for large order customers.

7. Suitable for outdoor parks, indoor malls, shopping streets and FEC.

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