Coffee Theme

Size: L850*W800*H12100mm
Weight: 170KG
Power Consumption:160W
Players: Single

Product Details

Coffee Theme Small Crane Machine


Size: L850 * W800 * H12100mm

Weight: 170KG

Power consumption: 160W

Player: Single

Operation method

1. Coffee-themed small cranes require a fee to play games. So you need to coin the machine before the machine can start to start the game.

2. The player controls the joystick to capture the toy. In this step, the player needs to select the aiming target and press the confirm button.

3. After the prize is successfully captured, the prize can be taken out.


1. This small crane machine has a unique design, which is a café-themed coffee shop for business or to attract guests. In addition, it also allows guests who drink coffee to relax.

2. Claw machine game, very simple game is simple, according to the machine's prompts can easily start the game.

3. There is good LED lighting in the machine, which can fully display the beauty of the machine and the characteristics of the prizes placed inside to attract customers from the coffee shop.

5. The joystick of this machine can adjust the strength of the claws to suit the purpose of grabbing prizes. In addition, the joystick is made of a durable material with a long service life.

6. Prize Crane Game is very suitable for attracting a large number of audiences in shopping malls, shopping malls, hotels and home entertainment centers to bring great pleasure to customers or to conduct business.

design concept

This machine is a brand new design, it is specially customized for the cafe. Our company believes that many people will spend a lot of time or other entertainment activities in the coffee shop. The coffee shop owner can purchase one of these machines and place a difference gift or prize associated with his store in the machine and provide the customer with an opportunity to try. This is also a good way to help coffee shops increase their income. In addition, the game has 4 models that match most customers. The green flash makes the machine look even more amazing.

    small crane machine.jpg

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