Animal Collection

Size: L850*W700*H1950mm
Weight: 180KG
Power Consumption:190W
Players: Single

Product Details

Animal Collection Toy Claw Machine Games


Size: L850 * W700 * H1950mm

Weight: 180KG

Power consumption: 190W

Player: Single

Operation method

1. Pay for the machine that plays the animal collecting toy claw machine game.

2. Use the joystick to move the gantry to the target prize and prize head.

3. Press the button to release the claws and place the toy grapes in the prize area.

4. If successful, please bring out the prize.

Product features

The Toy Claw Machine Games is a yellow crane game that draws attention to people by printing different animal characters in a cute machine series. The shape of this game console is very cute and the color is beautiful. The gantry used in this machine is different from the ordinary gantry because it uses some aluminum material and has a Japanese switch installed inside, which ensures a longer service life than a normal machine.

Product advantages

1. This machine has a unique design and rich colors. The size of the machine is small, so it saves space, and it's lightweight and easy to move. On the printing of the machine surface, we used a good printing machine and printing, so the shape of this machine is very beautiful. In addition, it is a good income machine with an average of 300-400 coins per day.

2. Customized services are available. Our company can be customized according to the requirements of each customer. We accept customer design logos, pictures and names, and publish design images before manufacturing.

3. Easy to operate. In the operation of this machine, we did not set a difficult way to control. The user only needs to follow the instructions or the instructions of the machine to operate the machine. Therefore, this machine is suitable for many people.

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