Space Box (Small)

Size: L550*W600*H1650mm
Weight: 130KG
Power Consumption:150W
Players: Single

Product Details

Space Box (small) Toy Claw Machine



Size:  L550*W600*H1650mm

Weight: 130KG

Power Consumption:150W

Players: Single


How to play:

1. Space Box (small) Toy Claw Machine needs to pay to play the game. Game start.

2. Players control the joystick to catch the toys, aim the target then push confirm button.

3. Take the prize out if catch the prize.


Features of this game


1. Space Box (small) Toy Claw Machine is mainly for kids with a unique design in the crane game machine market.

2. Simple gameplay and easy to learn to play.

3. Amazing LED lighting outlook makes it more attractive

4. Easy gameplay and make players have a good performance.

5. Claw strength adjustable by using the joystick

6. Mini claw machine with suitable cabinet size with changeable lighting to catch kids attractive.

7. Mini crane games in the market for sale now and it is great for attracting large crowds at arcades, malls, hospitality & family entertainment centers


This is a mini crane machine with a self-development mainboard and high-quality china-made gantry and it makes sure the machine can be operated for a long time under stability. As the machine designed in a space theme, it can give operators different choices to consider. Space Box is one of our hot sale products in our product line, also, for any crane machine, we can also do customized and designed different outlook in different countries.

A large size machine is fully in every center and shopping street, but this large size machine does not suit the kids, that is why a mini version comes out for the market.

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