Size: L1300*W1350*H1950mm
Weight: 210KG
Power Consumption:190W
Players: 2 Players

Product Details

Submarine Coin Operated Rides Machine



Size:  L1300*W1350*H1950mm

Weight: 210KG

Power Consumption:190W

Players: 2 Players


How to play:


1. Submarine Coin Operated Ride Machine need kids sit into the machines and parents take care behind

2. Pay to play the game. The machine start rolling

3. Kids control the wheels to play the game while the machine rolling


Features of this machine


1. Submarine Coin Operated Rides has beautiful looking deep sea submarine themed kiddie ride machine for 1 - 2 riders

2. Amusement park rides settings can be easily adjusted to staffs.

3. High quality material cabinet with a long time using.

4. 22 inch LED with funny games for kids

5. Coin operated kiddie rides are high income makers and easy for parent to be pleasure.

6. Carnival amusement rides are great machines for shopping center, theater, FEC, indoor/ outdoor park, restaurant and crowed locations.


Submarine outlook is one of the kids favour thing in the locations and the machine has a large size that can be up to 2 players together with a simple game play while the machine riding. This is a good choice for difference locations as few submarine theme machine in the market, new location or current location should try this machine if possible and also there are new and second hand in stock now.


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