Elephant Go

Size: L780*W1900*H1800mm
Weight: 300KG
Power Consumption:160W
Players: 2 Players

Product Details

Elephant Go Indoor Kiddie Ride Machine


Size:  L780*W1900*H1800mm

Weight: 300KG

Power Consumption:160W

Players: 2 Players


How to play :


1. If play elephant go indoor kiddie ride machine, it need kids sit into the machines and parents take care behind

2. Pay to play the game. The machine start rolling

3. Kids control the wheels to play the game while the machine rolling


Features of this machine


1. Elephant go indoor kiddie ride machine is a Beautiful looking cartoon animal themed amusement kiddie ride machine for 2 riders

2. Staffs can easy to adjust the machine setting for this coin operated rides .

3. High quality material and design with beautiful elements to cabinet and it made with a high quality fiber glass. The whole design looks so attractive and more vivid.

4. Small and funny games along with the rolling that can bring a lot of fun to kids when they play the game, especially it can work for 2 kids together.

5. Shipping with some spare part for the machine and easy for operators to do the after sale service.

6. Easy to update the software and accepted the customized if any clients required.

Elephant Go is a new amusement machine for the kids market by spending 1 year development and it is a good machine that help locations owner to get cost back in a fast time. A nice cabinet with a nice software to make the game more popular for kids to play and make them enjoy the riding.

Why this machine so popular even thought it exist at the market for some years?

1. Stable machine and keep grappling income for FEC.

2. Easy to move and suitable for many locations like FEC, shopping center, arcade center

3. Fast Play, Fast Pay. It only need a short time to play the game and get a related tickets, it let more players have chance to perform it and income has increased.

4. After sale service in time.



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