How does the Crazy Ball Prize Game Machine​ Get Fans?

How does the Crazy Ball Prize Game Machine Get Fans?


Right now there are too many Crazy Ball Prize Game Machine exists in the shopping center, but why there are some locations that are popular, but some few people to play. Here we are listing some ways on getting fans for the crane game machine and make your location become more and more popular.


First, channels expansion: the scenarios offline consumption expansion


In recent years, China's consumption space has been further refreshed, and the retail format has gradually changed from a single form of retail in the past to a form of a commercial complex. This form has attracted a large number of young people, going out of the house and participating in the line to experience consumption. Entity consumption still has broad market prospects, such as creative parks, theme parks, characteristic towns, theaters and other physical consumption scenes are expanding. The manufacturers of doll machines seize the channels provided by such commercial complexes and share the bonuses added by the new consumption habits formed by the public in the new consumption scene.


Second, hit the mass consumption points


1, psychology: crane game machine has to seize the player's psychology


In the current experience of economic development, for people, the pleasure of directly spending money to buy a doll is far less than the pleasure of grasping the doll by hand control of the doll machine. The control ability of the game makes people more convinced of the success rate of catching the doll, and this controllable experience makes the player willing to pay more premium and is willing to challenge this "fascinating uncertainty."


2, Crapping the entertainment time


People have a lot of fragmentation time in the scene consumption, and the doll machine fills the fragmentation time of mass entertainment consumption. For example, during the time of a little tired time when shopping, the doll machine became the most suitable way to entertain people's fragmented time while waiting for the movie to enter.


3, the gameplay and joyful


The girlfriend wants the doll in the doll machine, and the boyfriend needs to grasp the doll through his own control to please. Parents and children are also keen to gain an inner sense of accomplishment and joy by grabbing dolls.


Third, the support of the IP fan economy


The combination of IP image and consumption has always been tight, and the doll machine has realized the integration of IP derivative sales, retail and pan-entertainment.


With the expansion of the doll machine market, doll machine operators and brand owners are paying more and more attention to the uniqueness of dolls in the doll machine. And all kinds of IP images are highly recognizable and unique, and identification becomes the key to the new era of consumption. And the dolls of the IP derivatives category have a certain amount of traffic, which provides fan stickiness for the dolls. Therefore, all kinds of genuine and high-quality IP derivatives become the key to the success of the doll machine, and therefore the doll machine becomes an important part of IP derivative sales. channel.


Fourth, the east wind on the development of mobile Internet


1. WeChat and Alipay mobile payment replaces the exchange of game currency, which reduces the operating cost of the doll machine for the doll machine operator.


2. The R&D and production of the intelligent doll machine enable the operator to remotely monitor the operation data of each doll machine to complete the accurate supply of the doll.


3. In the current development of the mobile Internet, people's entertainment and social needs are becoming more and more intense, and people are keener and keener to share their loot with their friends on social platforms.