How to Maintain Air Hockey Table

How to Maintain Air Hockey Table


Nowadays, air hockey table is one of the most important machines in locations, it is a kid's machine, also belongs to the redemption games machine. But few people know how to maintain the air hockey table to make them useful for a long time. In this paper, we list some points on how to make your machine work longer.

The power must be turned off for maintenance and repair of the machine.

In order to avoid short circuits, the relevant personnel should turn off the power before touching the internal components of the machine. If this operation requires power to be turned on, it must comply with the requirements of the operating instructions.

Make sure to use the appropriate accessories when replacing the device.

Improper use of accessories can result in fire or electrical shorts, damage to the motherboard, and no components.

Do not disassemble, assemble or modify equipment at will.

This can result in fire or electrical shorts, mechanical failures, and the like.

Confirm that the mobile, flip, transport, etc. must meet the manufacturer's requirements.

Casual people moving, flipping, transporting, etc. can damage equipment and damage mechanical performance.

This machine is suitable for indoor use and should not be used outdoors.

Outdoor use can affect the performance of the machine.

Do not use the machine in the following places:

Lost or high humidity.

Places close to hot objects.

Places close to dangerous goods.

Smooth or unstable place.

Close to equipment that is prone to sparks.

Places with severe vibrations.

dusty environment.

Do not place vases, bottles, containers, etc. with water on the machine, and do not place chemicals and heavy objects on the machine.

Spilled liquid can cause an electrical short circuits to damage the device, chemicals can corrode the machine, and falling objects can harm the human body and damage the machine.

Do not place objects at the exhaust port of the machine.

Blocking the exhaust port can cause the temperature of the machine to rise, affecting the normal operation of the machine and even damaging the device.

The power cord cannot be pressed by heavy objects.

This can damage the wires and cause short circuits and fires.

When unplugging the power cord from the outlet, grasp the plug and do not grasp the cord.

This can damage the wires, causing short circuits and fires.

Do not pull the plug directly with wet hands.

Failure to do so may result in electric shock and injury to the human body.

Do not force, twist, or fold the power cord. Do not expose the power cord to high-humidity objects.

All of the above will damage the wires, causing short circuits and fires.

The power cord cannot be easily kicked or touched.

This will hurt the human body and damage the machine.

Use the correct voltage and fuse (see technical data).

Using other standard voltages can cause short circuits and fires. Using an improper fuse can damage the machine and cause a fire.

Failure to arbitrarily defy fire or operation.