Tips on Catching Toys on Arcade Crane Machine

Tips on Catching Toys on Arcade Crane Machine


About claws

   The arcade crane machine claws are generally three components. When grasping a doll, it is often encountered that the claw's angle does not match the expected one. When the clip is dropped, a certain root will fall on the doll or deviate from the grabbing point, so it is very important to turn the clip.

Turning the clip is actually very simple, that is, the joystick is rotated 360 degrees quickly, the clip rotates and the angle changes. When the clip stops shaking, you can grab it, but pay attention to the time. Turning the clip is very fun, but don't be addicted. When I went to Wanda today, I found that the time of the doll machine countdown became 15 seconds, depressed. It used to be 30 seconds. . .

Also be aware that when the clip is on the side, don't turn it. It will knock on the glass of the machine, and the boss will marry you.

About button

Sometimes when reading the count, the clip may be easier to catch the doll when it falls. (But later I used this method, I didn't catch it again)

There is also a saying that the drop of a button clip is clicked, and that pressing the button once more to grasp the doll will increase the claw force. The specific point is that when the doll's height is about 1/3, it can be pressed when it is just enough to hold the whole, and when the clamp is completely in the end, the power of his natural extraction will not be enough. Most of the machine's claws will be stronger if pressed twice, and weak claws will not be used. For some machines it is actually still useful, it allows you to tighten the clip at the right time, easier to catch. But be careful not to get excited. The second clip is taken back in mid-air as early as the clip. It is a cup. I am not responsible for it. . .

Push down the doll

Pushing down a doll is a very practical technique, like a bigger doll or a two-in-one doll like a bear piglet. It's best to grab it from the doll's body and neck. There is no grip point on the clip and the doll easily falls off. If you really like this doll, I suggest you pay for it with two coins first, and then put the doll upside down.

The method is very simple, that is, a little bit of the clip falls, so that a claw on the doll's head, the other two claws obliquely grasp the doll's body, the clip will be pulled back after the doll was pulled down.

Note that the position should be mastered and the clips can be rotated. There is too much obstacle around the doll. This does not apply.

Flip clip

This method is more difficult. My hand is stupid and always unsuccessful.

First of all, the target doll can't be too close to the glass or the acrylic of the exit, or it will be knocked by the clip.

After confirming that there are no obstacles next to the target doll, lick the clips left and right, let the clip swing to the left and right, and find the opportunity to press the drop button. When the claws are caught, the doll will be thrown to the exit.

Note that the position of the clip should be calculated. After the doll is clamped, the clip will not relax at this time. When it is retracted, it will swing. When it is at the top, the clip will usually be released, but our doll will be smashed into the hole. Haha.

This method sounds very good, it is much safer than the clips, but it is difficult to aim, so the success rate is not high, RP is very important.

Roll into the hole

This method is to allow the doll to fall down and roll directly into the hole.

This method is very simple, but we must first observe. In general, slopes above 45 degrees are more likely to roll in, and less than 30 degrees are more difficult.

When the clip is falling, do not put it in a vertical line with the doll. The clip should be slightly close to the hole, so that when the clip is recovered, there will be a pull to the exit.

This method is suitable for machines with low heights in the hole stop. It's best to use a little baby doll machine.

If you have more money, you can clip a few to get him to fill in the hole, roll it back, or push it with the previous method. It will be easier, and you can't bear to use the wolf instead. Some drops.

A hook can be passed through a part of a doll, such as a tag, a rope, a doll's clothes, etc. This method has a high probability. After catching, if the doll gets stuck on the hook, call the clerk. The doll is still yours. There is a doll with a sucker. The hook hooks the sucker rope. After the clips are put together, they often pull the doll down. I have caught a few with this method.

Divergent thinking. . . . The grip of the doll machine can not only be clipped but also squeezed. This method is usually used when the height or number of piles of dolls is large, so that the clips fall behind the dolls. When the clips fall together, they collide with the dolls. When they are lucky, the dolls are pushed into the hole. Note that heavier dolls are not suitable for this method.

You can also move the doll to the hole little by little, pay attention to analyze the position of the center of gravity, do not clip it vertically. Holding the doll firmly will usually only cause it to fall vertically. We can grab the left side of the item and the item will go left when it falls. It's easy to get into the hole.

Do not choose smooth surface dolls.

Try to choose a doll that is near the hole, unless you are very willing to pay for it.