What is Crane Game Machine

What is Crane Game Machine?


There are many called on Crane Game, Doll machine, Toy Claw Machine or Toy Vending Machine, also known as the Vending Prize Machine, It is a new type original from some machine name Space Box. The crane machine belongs to the gift vending machine and is a relatively simple one in the large game machine market.

There are Japanese-style clip dolls (2 claws) and Korean clip dolls (3 claws) and other types. It means that the goods are displayed in a transparent box with a robotic arm that can control the grabbing of the items. The user must control the arm with his own technology to get the items he wants. Because most of the earliest dolls filled with plush toys are filled with toys, they are called "clip dolls" and "clip dolls". Because the placed puppets are very popular puppets, they are popular with children and teenagers. Some merchants have also introduced machines that use watches, key rings, and even seafood. However, because of the same principle, many people still call it a doll machine.