What is the Redemption Games Functions

The increasingly prosperous redemption game machine has gradually become a magic weapon for the amusement park after its delicacy in the amusement industry. It has both popularity and revenue. However, some small dramas that may not be noticed in the ticket redemption machine market are being staged.


At present, the redemption game machines are widely popular in the Chinese mainland market and they are mainly two types of video redemption game machines and mechanical redemption machines, each with its own characteristics and exclusive consumer groups. After years of continuous improvement, the redemption game machine has made a qualitative leap from the appearance to the richness of the game content, and it has developed toward a professional and in-depth vertical industry chain. At the same time, on the horizontal cluster, semi-mechanical redemption machines are quietly on the list, attracting a broader consumer base and realizing precise diversion of mechanical redemption game machines.


Since the development of the video redemption machine, a relatively mature working theory and production line have been formed. Lottery scratches, naughty sharks, and others are among them. From the appearance, the screen to the game experience is perfect, the consumer layer in adults, couples based on such as gradually expanding to parent-child families, female players, to meet most of the consumer demand.


With its ultra-fast pace and high revenue, the stable system has benefited many new players. Exchanging a large number of tickets for the redemption of gifts is the most important feature of the screen redemption game machine, and it is also an important reason why the screen player is deeply loved by players.


The mechanical ticket redemption machine, with its strong play-ability and strong adult nature, naturally requires players to have higher playing skills to win, and strong irritability is especially attractive to middle-aged players. However, its greatest weakness is also its highly calculated nature, which restricts the consumer player of the mechanical redemption game machine.


The semi-mechanical redemption games machine is a brand-new concept, between the screen type and mechanical type. At present, there is no clear product line in the Chinese mainland, but it will be a brand-new development of the mechanical redemption game machine, which will greatly make up for the mechanical lottery. The lack of machines. It is usually composed of two parts, a textured mechanical architecture, embedding sophisticated screen images, and relying on rigorous and stable procedures to achieve the perfect combination of machinery and screen.


The semi-mechanical redemption game machine that absorbed the features of the screen redemption game machine was derived from the mechanical redemption game machine, but broke through the traditional restrictions and spread adult-style mechanical machines to youngsters to form a new concept and new product line. The mechanical redemption game machine The new play explosion appeared.


Its main consumer age demographic focuses on students and young people. It has a certain type of skill, but it is not too difficult to meet the needs of young people who like to be fresh and challenge themselves.


Features of the semi-mechanical redemption game machine:


1. The size of the machine itself is very large, it is easy to attract the attention of the player


2. Excellent visual effects and on-the-spot feelings, easily stimulating the atmosphere


3. The use of game stacking combination, the game content is more abundant


4. Long playing time in a single game, favorite players, and strong interaction


5. The skill is above the screen redemption game machine, mechanical redemption game machine, suitable for most of the consumer groups


6. Player stickiness, high recurring purchase rate


7. The tokens are integrated into the game elements and are more playable


How will the emergence of semi-mechanical redemption game machines bring changes to the market?


1. redemption game machine market will be greatly enriched


The emergence of semi-mechanical redemption game machines is by no means accidental. Or new demand stimulates supply, or new business opportunities guide consumption, but it is always inseparable from the market. The mechanical redemption game machines with impressive revenues have become the itch of operators because they need to invest huge conservation resources.


With the increasing prosperity of the amusement industry, the emergence of semi-mechanical redemption game machines will not only effectively alleviate the mechanical deficiencies, but will also greatly enrich consumers' choices in amusement. Parent-child families and childrens players can choose cute and cute screens. Middle-aged men can play mechanics. Young people, students, and older children are challenged by semi-mechanical redemption game machines. Each of the three types can choose from, and everyone can have fun. Fusion!


In the future, the development of redemption game machines will surely allow both players and operators to enjoy a more outstanding gaming experience. The semi-mechanical redemption game machine came into being and became a new choice for consumers in the amusement industry in mainland China. It is an inevitable trend of development and a market choice.


2. The current market consumption structure will be optimized


The Red Sea, a market that already exists today. To occupy a high position in the amusement industry and have excellent market competitiveness, it is imperative to blaze a trail in the increasingly fierce Red Sea, starting with machinery and equipment, event marketing, environmental decoration, advertising, services, and added value. Differentiated brand effect. The new semi-mechanical redemption game machine, with its broad consumer base and superior machine attributes, complements the existing market consumption model and is a tool for the playground to compete with the Red Sea.




With a view of redemption game and ticket redemption game machine, with the rapid development of the entire economy and the favorable era of the amusement industry, the development of the redemption game machine is naturally heading toward a more comprehensive, healthier, more entertaining more revenue-generating direction. The appearance of semi-mechanical redemption game machines is a phenomenon and a new trend in the industry. The market for mechanical redemption game machines will be further subdivided and precision will become the new standard. Similarly, we should see the influence of semi-mechanical redemption game machines on the market, and adopting an inclusive and open-minded attitude to view a new thing or phenomenon is the most indispensable professional attitude in the amusement industry .