Tips on Catching Toys on Arcade Crane Machine

Tips on Catching Toys on Arcade Crane Machine About claws   The arcade crane machine claws are generally three components. When grasping a doll, it is often encountered that the cl···

2021-07-28 14:54:59

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What is Crane Game Machine

What is Crane Game Machine? There are many called on Crane Game, Doll machine, Toy Claw Machine or Toy Vending Machine, also known as the Vending Prize Machine, It is a new type original from som···

2021-07-20 10:40:25

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What is the Redemption Games Functions

The increasingly prosperous redemption game machine has gradually become a magic weapon for the amusement park after its delicacy in the amusement industry. It has both popularity and revenue. Ho···

2021-07-20 10:31:18

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