Prize Hut--The self-contained prize center

Prize Hut: Self-contained, automated prize redemption center


United Asia Entertainment releases Prize Hut in 2020. It can be equipped with Intercard system and Amusement Connect card system to redeem tickets for prizes in one moment. Operated conveniently and easily.

1)There are A-N prize item can be set into different tickets.

Take an example: If prize A need 10 tickets to exchange the prize, so operator set 10 on the blank area, also if operator would like to open Prize A door, touching A, then door open.

2) How to Play


*1* Insert tickets/ Scan receipt/ Swipe cards 

(Machine will show how many tickets enter into machine for prize exchange)

*2* Prizes Exchange: Tickets enough, touch Prize Exchange to choose prize.

*3* Saving in Card: Don't have enough tickets, it can save the ticket number in their cards.

*4* Print Receipt: The receipt can be scan next time.

Prize Hut can be used in FEC and anywhere can be used tickets to redeem prizes.

Prize gift counter unrequired in locations. It will save staff salary in the future.

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Phone/Wechat/Whatsapp: +86-13922268075