Prize Game Machine Hot-Sale In China And Japan

Prize Game Machine Hot-Sale In China And Japan

With the developement of arcade game macine, Prize game machine become more and more popular in China and Japan.

Especially in the situation of COVID19, Prize game room is a great choice which don't need too much cost.

More and more teenagers and couples or children prefer to play prize game in prize game room.

Prize game room, including toy capsule dispensed, prize dispensed, toy clawed, pay more attention to decoration and machine choice.

Colorful light and attractive decoration will attract more players. 

How to put the prize in right position in prize game machine is also an important point when operate the prize game machine.

Right position to let players obtain the prize easily or with difficulty is a thoughtful question in prize game room.

Prize game were also hot-sale in Japan. Redemption game will be not allowed in Japan in the future.

So more company pay more attention to prize game machine.

It will be a trend in the future in Japan.

Same as the game center room in Southeast Asia Region.

Game center room is a new idea regarding arcade game in room.

It's one small room indoor game and just need not too much space.