Magic Castle

Size: L1700*W850*H2150mm 
Weight: 280KG 
Power Consumption:250W 
Players: 2 players 

Product Details

Magic Castle Arcade Coin Pusher Machine


Size:  L1700*W850*H2150mm

Weight: 280KG

Power Consumption:250W

Players: 2 players


How to play:


1.  Magic Castle Arcade Coin Pusher Machine need to pay to play the game then player get balls to play the game

2. Push the button then the balls will drop off from the top, and it will fall into difference holes.

3. The coins or balls will fall down from other side into the panel.

4. When balls or coins push down, it will give tickets to player accordingly.


Features of this machine


1. Magic Castle arcade coin pusher machine is a new type prize machines in the market with a skill based functions.

2. This coin pusher machine install a full flashing LED around the cabinet and printed a nice designed characters on it and all make the game attractive.

3. It comes out tickets to avoid the political issues in some locations. Also it can change the coins into balls and make this game look like a redemption machine.

4. A simple game play with a high rewards for play then it makes kids or teenagers interesting in playing the machine.

5. There are difference rewards for player during the game and players have more chances to get a big jackpot.


Magic Castle is a new type of coin pusher machine because it doesn’t have the traditional boring gameplay. When player push buttons to drop off the balls, it will give little reward to them if ball goes into difference prize holes. Players can enjoy the game and get more fun compared with other traditional prize machine. Also it can be used as redemption games or it can be used as coin pusher machine whatever the purpose is, it 100% sure the Magic castle will help you increase the revenue from your locations.


After sale service--United Asia Entertainments will offer 6 months free warranty for the main board and all life after sale service in pay. 

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