Pink Date

Product Details

Pink Date Arcade Games Prize Machine



Size:  L1600*W800*H2100mm

Weight: 190KG

Power Consumption:150W

Players: Single


How to play :


1. Pink Date Arcade Games Prize Machine need to pay to play the game then machine start

2. Control the joystick to move the cutter left and right to a correct position

3. Aim at a good place and push the confirm button, then the cutter forward the cut off the prize.

4. If it is successful, the wire lined with the prize will be cut and the prizes drop off.


Features of this game


1. Key Cutting Arcade Games Prize Machine is a hot sale vending machine game in the market with lovely colors and adorable characters to suit kids.

2. Blue color-themed with china elements to suit a new market.

3. Easy adjust the gantry and prize ratio.

4. Good price and long after-sale service of prize machine for sale.


Key Cutting is a new style prize machine in the market in recent years. This style of machine has become one of the important machines in location when it comes out to test. The prize hangs on the machine to display for players topinkdate.jpg attract their interest in playing. Also, it is a skill-based machine that players only need more practice and they can have a big chance to get the prize.


Strong development ability and good after-sale service for each client. So please welcome to inquiry about our machine.    


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