Fantasy Voyage

Size: L1500*W150*H1650mm
Weight: 250KG
Power Consumption:290W
Players: 4 players

Product Details

Fantasy Voyage Coin Pusher Arcade Machine

Product description

The Fantasy voyage is a mechanical prize machine with video games, so the gameplay is not boring and allows players to have more fun from the game. The player can also control the coin tunnel to let the coin hit the target on the Led screen. When players use coins to play games and when they get bouncing, many coins fall and give the player a special impression, and it helps to attract the attention of other players.


Size: L1500 * W150 * H1650mm

Weight: 250KG

Power consumption: 290W

Player: 4 players

Method of operation

1. The coin pusher arcade needs to insert coins to play the game. The coin channel should be controlled when placing coins.

2. Hit the target on the screen and you can get more coins to fall.

3. It will come out when it pushes the coin into the hole.

4. The player completes the points and the game is over.


1. Fantasy voyage coin pusher Arcade Machine is a 100% skill-based slot machine on the market.

2. This machine adopts a new design concept, so it has a new gameplay with small games, which can make players more interesting in the game time.

3. Self-developed program and high teaching circulation system can effectively prevent the coin from locking the coin passage.

4. It can be linked to other things to add a big bonus to attract players.


1.Exciting coin redemption game

2.Pusher game combined with screen

3.Interactive physical bus

4.Available to link

5.Strongly attract players

6.Total new concept of pusher game

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