Clown Paradise

Size: L700*W800*H1600mm
Weight: 110KG
Power Consumption:150W
Players: Single

Product Details

Clown Paradise Lollipop Vending Game Machine


Size:  L700*W800*H1600mm

Weight: 110KG

Power Consumption:150W

Players: Single


How to play:


1. Clown Paradise Lollipop Vending Game Machine need to pay to play the game then push button to start

2. When light on the wheel running, push button to stop. Then the down wheel turn accordingly

3. Down wheel turn around and bring up the lollipop to fall down.

4. If it success, the lollipop and take it out, otherwise try again.


Features of this game


1. Clown Paradise Lollipop Vending Game Machine is totally a skill based prize machine for difference locations, like FEC, shopping center and other arcade locations.

2. Clown theme design, red and yellow colors to suit with American style to meet the western countries hobby. It gives kids a impressive view when they see the machine at first time.

3. Amazing outlook with LED lighting of vending machine games and game comes with pleasure music. Simple game play with pleasure to make it become a special prize machine in the market.

4. 100% self-develop with high quality cabinet, few of problems after machine work in a long time.

5. Easily to adjust all kind of setting to make sure each kids can get prize on each play.


Clown Paradise is a new concept for the vending machine games market, lollipop game is getting popular in the market as the price is reasonable and it also can help the client get the cost back in a fast time. In general, our lollipop machine can get the cost back in 1-2 months according to the locations feedback. As it has a special design and it can control the winning ratio, clown paradise can be your first choice when you consider to buy this kind of game machine. 



Lollipop Vending Game.png


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