Crazy Ball

Size: L1300*W700*H2180mm 
Weight: 130KG 
Power Consumption:150W 
Players: Single Player 

Product Details

Crazy Ball Prize Game Machine


Size:  L1300*W850*H2180mm

Weight: 130KG

Power Consumption:250W

Players: Single Player


How to play:


1. Crazy Ball Prize Game Machine need to pay to play the game.

2. Select the prize then game start.

3. Push the LEFT and RIGHT button to control the basket.

4. Catch the ball into the basket and it can get the prize once get 20 balls.

5. Prize door open automatically and player get the prize inside.


Crazy Ball prize game machine is a new skill based prize machine in the recently market. It has a colorful cabinet with a amazing designed to attract kids attention. Lighting go through from inside to make the machine look flashing. Western style images and characters to suit for lots of area.


It is a mechanical prize machine that most of teenagers or kids like to play and get what they want because there are A-H prize for player to select. Also there are some advantages for locations to choose this prize game machine:


Revenue--many locations testing data show that this is a good machine with a good revenue among many familiar machine.


Design--It i a outstanding design that gives kids and player a nice impressive and make them have interesting to play.


Gameplay--Exciting and funny game play that makes kids have more fun for the machine. Kids need to catch the balls without any system control. It purely skill based game.


Prize--There are many prize box inside the machine and operator can display difference prize inside and give player a lot of selections.


Crazy Ball has been sold to many countries and locations now and let take this vending machine games to your locations now.

Why choose this game?

Long stable running and we offer good after sale service to make each customer can have a satisfy after sale servive once the machine break down. Also there are some spare part will be shipped together with the machine so operators can fix the small problem in a short time.

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