Taobao Huner

Size: L1500*W800*H2100mm
Weight: 170KG
Power Consumption:130W
Players: Single

Product Details

Taobao Huner Prize Redemption Arcade Games

Product description

The Taobao Hunter is a custom-made prize machine for use in some countries where they approve the placement of ticket vending machines in FEC, arcade centers and some shopping streets. It comes with simple gameplay and makes it easy to adjust bonuses.


Size: L1500 * W800 * H2100mm

Weight: 170KG

Power consumption: 130W

Player: Single


1. Prize Redemption Arcade Games is a classic vending machine game on the market, with stunning LED lighting installed around the cabinet. This type of machine needs to be coined in order to start the machine smoothly and start an exciting game.

2. The blue color with the theme of Chinese elements is very characteristic and fully attractive, and can adapt to the new market with diverse needs.

3. Easily adjust the gantry of this machine and prize ration. The design of the gantry is easier to operate, and the adjustable prize ratio makes the machine's flexibility much better.

4. Preferential prices and long-term after-sales service for after-sales machines. This product is directly produced by our company. There is no middleman, so the price is very reasonable. In addition, we provide quality after-sales service to meet your needs.

5. The prize game can be customized with different logos and colors according to different requirements of customers. In addition, spare parts will be shipped with the cabinet.

Method of operation

1. Taobao Huner Prize Redemption arcade game needs to pay in order to start playing games. After the machine is thrown, the machine can start up smoothly.

2. Control the joystick to push the light and right to the correct position

3. Press and hold the button to raise the pusher up. Once the hand is removed, the pusher will push the prize forward.

4. If successful, the prize will fall out and be taken out, otherwise, try again.


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