Crazy Castle

Size: L1500*W850*H2350mm
Weight: 230KG
Power Consumption:250W
Players: 2 players

Product Details

Crazy Castle Quarter Pusher Machine


Crazy Castle is a new type of coin machine on the market. Players don't need to insert each coin to play, just need to hold down the button and the coin will fall from the top. When it launches a coin, the player can get a ticket. This machine is made of high quality materials, it is also a good income machine.


Size: L1500 * W850 * H2350mm

Weight: 230KG

Power consumption: 250W

Player: 2 players

Method of operation

1. Quarter Pusher Machine needs to pay to start the machine to start playing.

2. Press the button and the coin will fall from the tune.

3. When the coin falls, the wheel will also turn. When the coin enters the wheel hole, the machine will reward the coin to the player and drop it onto the panel.

4. When the coin is pushed down to the bottom, the player can get the ticket.

5. The player completes the points and the game ends.

The characteristics of this machine

1. The Quarter Pusher Machine is a castle theme that is very distinctive. In addition, the machine is also equipped with color LED lighting, and the lighting used in the long life and colorful, making the coin machine look more attractive.

2. Simple game settings and small game games make players not bored after playing games for a long time, because they fully enjoy the fun of the game.

3. The self-developed program and high teaching circulation system of this machine can effectively prevent the coin from locking the coin passage, so that the game can be made smoother.

4. Breaking the prospect of traditional capsule machines, you can add more fun to the game to attract customers.

5. The JP award is easy to obtain.

6. There are new style and new game console prizes for sale.

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