Clown Paradise

Size: L700*W800*H1600mm
Weight: 110KG
Power Consumption:150W
Players: Single

Product Details

Clown Paradise Vending Capsules Machine


Size:  L700*W800*H1600mm

Weight: 110KG

Power Consumption:150W

Players: Single


How to play:


1.  Clown Paradise Vending Capsules Machine need to pay to play the game then push button to start

2. When light on the wheel running, push button to stop. Then the down wheel turn accordingly

3. Down wheel turn around and bring up the capsule to fall down.

4. Take the capsule out in the prize area.


Features of this game


1. Clown Paradise Vending Capsules is a small size prize game with classical clown design to suit for many capsule toy machine market.

2. Clown theme is always America kids love so it easily to attract kids to play.

3. Easy to adjust each setting to make sure all the kids play can 100% get 1 or more capsule at 1 play time

4. Breaking the traditional capsule machine outlook, add more funny at the playing.

5. High income data shows that cost can make back in short time.

6. Hot sale kids vending machine game and long time after sale service.

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