Wroom Game

Size: L1400*W900*H1980mm
Weight: 170KG
Power Consumption:130W
Players: Single

Product Details

Wroom Game Vending Machines


Size: L1400 * W900 * H1980mm

Weight: 170KG

Power consumption: 130W

Player: Single

Method of operation

1. This machine needs to pay to play the game and then start the machine.

2. Aim the prize and control the joystick to move the cutter.

3. Confirm the position of the cutter and press the button to cut the prize line.

4. If successful, the prize will fall out, otherwise try again.


1. The Wroom game vending machine is a new vending machine game on the market with stunning LED lighting around the cabinet.

2. Game Vending Machines adopt the theme of Chinese elements, so it is suitable for new markets.

3. It can bring high income to buyers.

4. The ratio of the gantry and prizes of this machine can be easily adjusted.

Product advantages

1. The scissors of this machine are made of high-quality craftsmanship, and the scissors are made of high quality stainless steel. This scissors can be adjusted. In addition, the crane movement of this machine is very flexible, and there will be no carton phenomenon.

2. High quality coin acceptor. The machine's coin acceptor has powerful anti-counterfeiting technology and a security index of 99.9%. It accepts merchants' freely customizable currencies. In addition, the slot machine has a strong memory ability, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of counterfeit currency, and will not swallow coins and cards.

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