Prize Hut Ticket Redeem Machine


Size:  L750*W750*H1750mm

Weight: 130KG

Power Consumption:250W

Players: 3 Players

Product Details

Prize Hut Self Ticket Redeem Machine


Size:  L1400*W750*H1950mm

Weight: 230KG

Power Consumption:250W

Players: single


How to play:

1. Player insert the tickets to ticket mouth, then the ticket counting started.

2. Select the prizes and exchange the prizes with current tickets.

3. prize drop off or door open after exchanged the prize, then print a receipt for next redeem.

Prize Hut is a self ticket redeem machine that is the best solution for small operators to fix their ticket solution. The small operators can use this kind of machine in a small location with few people to manage the prize area or the whole location. The machine is made in a western style with outlooks and characters to suit lots of areas.


There are small prizes, medium prizes and big prizes for customs to select and which depends on their tickets number. Also, the machine can save and cut the tickets for location. If players don't want to redeem now, they can print a receipt and use it the next time by only scanning it.


An important function of the barcode reader is included so operators don't worry about the fake tickets and players can not use the fake tickets to exchange the prize. It is a more reliable machine and more security on the prize door which is not easy for naughty children to stole the prizes.

Reliable in cutting units and offer good after-sale service.

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