Turbo Hoki

Size: L2100*W1230*H1850mm 
Weight: 190KG 
Power Consumption:190W 
Players: 2 Players 

Product Details

Turbo Hoki  Air Hockey Game Machine



Size:  L2100*W1230*H1850mm

Weight: 190KG

Power Consumption:190W

Players: 2 Players


How to play:

1. Turbo Hoki  Air Hockey Game Machine need to pay to play the game. Push Star Button, Game start and the ball comes out from the machine

2. Two players play together and try to hit the ball into whole, then player get credits.

3. Time up, game finish, player get the tickets.


Features of this game


1. Original designed from United Asia Entertainments and this turbo hoki Arcade air hockey games machine has achieved a good successful testing and working good at chains location. It has become one of the best air hockey machine in the market.

2. A LED part installed at the middle of the machines and it easy for each players to see how they are playing and also time showed on the LED.

3. A Classical design with strong, durable wooden and aluminum cabinet and it comes with air when game start, that can increase the playing experience due to the ball move so smoothly and faster as the air decrease the friction.

4. Easy game setting adjustment for locations and it a good price hockey table for sale.


When this air hockey games come out for the market, many operators agree to buy some units for testing and the final results show that all the kids love to play and it rarely has any after sale problem because all the parts included program are all self developed from us. We control the machine quality to make it become a good quality machine and good money income maker.


Why choose this air hockey table?

Even though there are many cheaper price and familiar products in the market, but due to the design and the material quality, a good air hockey will not appear a lot of problem after run a long time and it is not easy to fly out when the ball are punching by two side players.


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