Tower Crane

Size: L1500*W1100*H1900mm
Weight: 250KG 
Power Consumption:300W
Players: Single

Product Details

Tower Crane Arcade Redemption Game Machine


Size:  L1500*W1100*H1900mm

Weight: 250KG

Power Consumption:300W

Players: Single


How to play :


1. Tower Crane Arcade Redemption Game Machine need to pay to play the game then push button to start

2. Aim at the target hole and then push button to drop off the crane into the turning wheel.

3. When the crane stick on the credits hole, it give certainly tickets for players.


Features of this game


1. Tower Crane Arcade Redemption Game Machine is a new skilled base concept redemption game machine in the market. The outlook made into a tower to and it looks like a working tower for the kids to play.

2. Amazing color designed to attract kids or teenagers attentions and make them have fun and make them have tickets after the playing.

3. It is a new redemption game machine in the market due to its simple gameplay and easy for kids to play

4. There are difference holes with difference tickets number on the turning wheel, it can make the players have more chance to get a lot of tickets and give them a happy time.

5. This is one of our hot sale redemption game and various of new redemption game machine for sale in our product line.


Tower Crane is a good income maker for the locations owner due to its features. It is a fast play, fast out game and shorter the playing time and give more kids have chance to play to make the machine income more higher than other machine. It feel like playing the crane machine while playing enjoy the game time and also award is more attracting for kids.


After sale service--all the machines sold from United Asia Entertainments has 6 months free warranty for the main board and all life after sale service in pay.

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