Monster Coming

Size: L1800*W1300*H1900mm
Weight: 250KG
Power Consumption:300W
Players: 2 players

Product Details

Monster Coming Arcade Video Game Machines


Size:  L1800*W1300*H1900mm

Weight: 250KG

Power Consumption:300W

Players: 2 players


How to play:


1. Monster Arcade Video Game Machine need to pay to play the game then player get credits accordingly

2. Control the gun on the panel and push the fire button to shoot the monster on the monitor.

3. Shoot more monsters, get more credits, and get more tickets.

4. Try to shoot the boss at each mission to get more tickets.

5. Credits finish, then ticket out.


Features of this machine:


1. Monster Arcade Video Game Machine has 45 inches LED cabinet as 1 set for 2 players to play and it can up to 4 players

2. 100% self-developed video redemption machine for sale in the market.

3. 3 different scenes for players to play the game and different bosses to have different fun.

4. Customized difference model of the new redemption game machine service is also available.


Monster Arcade video game machines can pay out coins or tickets to match with different locations requirements, especially on some arcade centers. This machine has been tested successively in locations with an amazing data report which comes with 300-400 coins in one day. Monster theme with a flash lighting install around the cabinet, that makes it more attractive on players eyeballs.


Also, Monster Comes is also a gun shooting game machine, which can be used for a lot of FEC, entertainment centers, and gaming zone.  


1. Warranty---There are some spare parts shipped together with the machine and we will also offer solutions once the machine breaks down and help locations to fix it in a fast time.

2. Delivery----In General it needs about 3 days to deliver if there are some machines in stock, otherwise, it needs 8 days to manufacture a new one.

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