Dino Wheel

Size: L1100*W1000*H1800mm
Weight: 250KG
Power Consumption:180W
Players: Single

Product Details

Dino Wheel Ticket Redemption Game Machine


Size:  L1100*W1000*H1800mm

Weight: 250KG

Power Consumption:180W

Players: Single

How to play

1. Dino Wheel Ticket Redemption Game Machine need to pay to play the game then machine start.

2. Pull down the handrail to turn around the wheel.

3. When the wheels stop and show the ticket numbers.

4. Player get tickets out after game finished.

Features of this game

1. Dino Wheel Ticket Redemption Game Machine has a dinosaur theme cabinet with suitable machines size to suit for the redemption game market .

2. High quality material and motor to make machine work smoothly and few of problems.

3. Skill based new redemption game machine, easy for kids to play.

4. Wheel speed can be adjusted according to location operator.

5. Classic machine and model with reasonable price of redemption arcade games for sale .

6. Customized outlook also available. You can tell us about your requirement.

Product advantages

This game console is based on Jurassic Park and is particularly attractive. The game console has built-in color LED lights, which can greatly increase the excitement of the game. In addition, there is an electronic display on the machine to record the score.

Dino Wheel is a classical redemption game machine in the market. Wheeling machine is always a key machine in the location, Dinosaur theme is a world wide accepted topic for the machine, so operator don’t need to consider the popularity as many locations have been improved that it is one of the money maker in location. Also, good quality cabinet and good after sale service make the machine run stable and help location to save time on after sale service. 

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