H2 Overdrive

Size: L1300*W1100*H1950mm
Weight: 220KG
Power Consumption:190W
Players: Single

Product Details

H2Overdrive Driving Arcade Machines


Size: L1300 * W1100 * H1950mm

Weight: 220KG

Power consumption: 190W

Player: Single

Method of operation

1. H2Overdrive driving arcades requires a fee to play games. Pay to start the machine and the game starts.

2. The player should sit on the chair of the machine and control the steering wheel to play the game.

3. Rowing on the water surface displayed on the machine screen to complete the difference task.

4. If the game fails, you can pay the coins to continue the game.


1. H2Overdrive Driving Arcade Machines has a modern and advanced new rowing design cabinet that is intelligent in operation and allows players to feel like they are in it. It is a popular arcade game console on the market today.

2. We have made a lot of considerations on the display of the machine. The clarity and color of the screen of this arcade have reached a very high level. Beautiful and vibrant game graphics make players like to try this simulator game.

3. Classic driving simulator game and original PC are very attractive to players. This machine gives people the feeling of a real experience, allowing players to feel that they are really in this environment, so they can get a lot of pleasure through this game.

Product advantages

1. The performance of this machine is very good and can keep grappling income for FEC.

2. This machine is easy to move. It is suitable for multiple locations such as FEC, shopping center, arcade center.


Quickly respond to any machine problems and quickly deliver spare parts if required by the customer.


We have some off-the-shelf items that are available from stock and can be delivered in 2-3 days and ready for delivery. If you want to buy a used machine, there are many options for our stock.


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