Let's Go Jungle

Size: L1500*W1300*H2050mm
Weight: 250KG
Power Consumption:190W
Players: 2 players

Product Details

Let's Go Jungle Video Arcade Machine



Size:  L1500*W1300*H2050mm

Weight: 250KG

Power Consumption:190W

Players: 2 players


How to play:

1.  Let's Go Jungle Video Arcade Machine need to Pay to play the game. Push button then game start.

2. Player Sit into the house and control the guns to shoot the target on the LED screen.

3. Avoiding the target attack.

4. Pay coins to keep playing if failed.


Features of this machine


1. Let's Go Jungle Video Arcade Machine is a shooting arcade game machine that came out a light-gun simulator games, focus a strong emphasis on co-working gameplay in a theater cabinet designed

2. High-tension, action-packed obstacles and swarms of enemies to make players have a exciting experience.

3. Sega original machines in the market and contact us for more details

4. Classic driving arcade machines with a original PC and nice price for sale.

5. 55 inch LED screen to enhance the exciting playing


It is a old classic arcade game machine in the market and it also one of the best favour shooting game for the players and it also has a good income in most of the locations. There are many original second hand in stock now and we welcome your inquiry and contact with us for this nice machine.


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